The Nursery Tavern

The Nursery Tavern

To bring joy to a generation

? For years and years, the spirited host has welcomed one and all

? With everything that is good and true and enjoyable in this world

? Because The Nursery Tavern comes from a place where a barnstorming social life is a way of life

? Where people pour in to experience something more than a mere bar

? Where character means character

? Where every rip-roaring night feels like St. Patrick’s Day 

? And where good times are a given

? Good times that are easy to find and even easier to enjoy

? Right in the heart of your town or city

? Celebrating the Irishness of it all and the togetherness of it all

? Whether you want to slow down the world

? For a few glasses of fizz with the girls

? A spot of lunch with a side dish of tasty banter

? A cosy meal for two, fine food and good drink shared with goodwill and good humour

? With much of the menu sourced from or inspired by the Emerald isle

? Or trip the craic fantastic 

? With live music for every taste from acoustic to rock, to indie to breaking bands

? And yes, let’s hear it for the live sport

? For the happy and the delirious, for the ecstatic and cheering collective.

? Because the big match deserves the biggest atmosphere 

? And the warm welcome that never cools

? In a place where you’ll feel more inclined to say ‘It’s my round’

? As you settle in and feel that this is it - you’ve found your kind of pub

? Where the live music is eclectic and the air is electric

? Because at The Nursery Tavern, the craic isn’t something you can pick up and put down

? It’s there all the time

? It’s there from the moment you walk in off the street

? And the moment you step up to the bar

? So let’s take our seats

? Let’s all stand and cheer

? Because these are the best days and nights of our lives

? For an altogether better craic

? In an altogether better place

? Let’s meet up at The Nursery Tavern

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