Cloud 23

Cloud 23

Experience the Height of Luxury

Soar to new heights in our exclusive city centre bar on the 23rd floor of the legendary Beetham Tower.

Overlooking the iconic cityscape, take a seat by our floor-to-ceiling windows and revel in an afternoon or evening of indulgence and elegance. From opulent interiors to innovative drinks, afternoon tea and food menus, Cloud 23 is an experience you will never forget.

Dress to impress in smart and stylish wear, so please leave sportswear, trainers and headgear at home. Children under 18 are allowed between the hours of 11am and 5pm.

Book one of our exclusive areas, named after the Gods of Ancient Greece seated in their lofty position in the heavens: Apollo 23, God of music, light and the Sun; Zeus 23, King of the Gods and sky; Iris 23, Greek Goddess of the rainbow and messenger to the Gods; and Eros 23, God of love and one of the fundamental causes in the formation of the world.

Set in the sky, Cloud 23’s Cocktail Masterclass is the perfect ice breaker for a team building event, social occasion or simply, if you adore cocktails! Become a food and cocktail connoisseur with our exclusive Zacapa Experience and learn the techniques involved in appreciating and pairing complementary flavours.

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