Stour Space

Stour Space

A socially minded organisation offering exhibition, performance and studio space for the development of creative enterprises. Devoted to the promotion and production of art and design, performance and innovative business, Stour Space also works in collaboration with many local enterprises, residents, artists and committees. 

Stour Space was once a disused, unsafe building, and through the intuition and motivation of the local community it has blossomed into a multi-functional venue, that can service a large variety of needs: Now boasting over 40 studio tenants, art SHOP, a 2000 sqft open plan gallery space, 20+ local grassroots programmes on site, a multi-purpose function space with Olympic views and a popular café, Stour Space has become a hive for local participation, business development, and niche recreation. 

The organisation is focused on multi-functionality in order to provide affordable studio and meeting space to creative businesses and self-employed artists/producers, emergent practitioners, designers and entrepreneurs. Stour Space promotes the capacity for the creative sector to be a valuable and important contribution to the modern economy – recognising the weight of skill sharing, collaboration and grass routes initiatives. 

On-site studios are part subsidised by both corporate and private hire activities, use of the meeting/project space and consultancy, to ensure a large number of people can make use of the previously abandoned building, and affordably grow their own enterprises. Similarly, charitable and educational groups are offered substantial discounts when hiring Stour Space ensuring accessible and equal access for all.

Stour Space holds monthly exhibitions (free for local artists), regular markets and workshops, whilst also promoting the positive capacity of the creative sector through ongoing consultancy and lobbying with local government and public development initiatives. 

Not reliant on government funding, the organisation does not make a financial profit, instead choosing to pour any monies back into improving its services and maintaining the venue. Yet through collaborative use and broad accessibility Stour space is supported and enhanced by a multitude of individuals, businesses and initiatives, ensuring ongoing sustainability and a positive momentum. 

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