The Safehouse

The Safehouse

The Safehouse is owned and operated by Tom and Dan, two regular guys who like to travel and often stay in hostels but saw something that seemed to be lacking in their own home in Wales.

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and has an abundance of reasons to visit and a choice of places to stay - some cheap and some expensive. What we wanted to create was a place that is reasonably priced but also offers great customer service.

In addition to the high standard of customer service offered at The Safehouse (with 24 hour reception, free walking tours and free breakfast) there is also more space in the dorm rooms than you might expect from a hostel. There's no reason you shouldn't have a bit of personal space just because you're sharing a room.

Hopefully The Safehouse will pleasantly surprise you and offer a bit of luxury at an affordable price that will make you want to visit Cardiff again.

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