Great Fulford

Great Fulford

Great Fulford is first and foremost the home of my family, a role it has fulfilled for over 800 years. During that time the house has grown larger and certainly more civilised though the medieval bones of the original house still lurk under the plaster and panelling.

As ever though houses such as this require money spent on them and in order to help raise the necessary funds we are now opening the house by appointment to tour parties, and offering it as a venue for corporate events, private parties, weddings, and as a location for films and photography.

Great Fulford is a unique venue. In 1810 my ancestress, Anna Marie Fulford, returning from holiday, wrote:

“We find our place looking in high beauty, not so fine or grand as many we have seen but good enough to satisfy us. Fulford and I agreed upon driving down from the lodge that it is certainly an agreeable place to call our home.”

It is a sentiment that 200 years later is echoed by my wife and I and we do hope that those who visit or hire our house will indeed find it an ‘agreeable place’ still today.

Francis Fulford

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