Door 77

Door 77

Door 77 are an independent team with a very rich pedigree in all forms of hospitality. From Madame Geisha to The Haunt, Lipstick and Gunpowder Salon along with numerous smaller food and entertainment businesses.

We are fiercely independent, not corporate, very hands on and overwhelmingly passionate about what we do. Our primary concern is to create a place that people enjoy being; that they want to be a part of. We want to build communities of people who can enjoy the space and feel part of something special.

The Ethos.
‘Work hard and be nice to people’
expect a warm, respectful, welcoming, smiling & charming faces. Our customer service and welcoming attitude exceeds other venues by some distance. Our service staff are experienced, well trained and versed in all aspects of our operation.

Bau Wow is split into two separate sections housing a total capacity of 300.
The first side is a circular room surrounded by seating booths, (perfect for table service), with a small dance floor in the middle. The room is dressed in deep blues and gold, creating a soft yet salubrious environment. The bar will serve premium drinks at reasonable prices, in glass glasses, made by highly qualified, talented bar staff. Bottle service is available as is a bespoke high-end cocktail menu and a simply massive range of spirits.
A brand new Martin Audio sound system will provide acoustic bliss, and state of the art lighting will lift the mood.

The second side of the venue is an out and out dance room with sound at its very core. With a brand new £40k Martin Audio sound system and bespoke intelligent lighting, this room is punching well above its weight in what it can deliver for its size. With a long bar serving bottled beers and spirits and minimal black décor, this room was meant to be partied in. A fully built in raised DJ console houses a full spectrum of Pioneer and Technics equipment.

VIP service and cocktail Master classes..
Our luxurious enclosed booth seating, overlooking the dance floor in room 2 & is the perfect setting for a night out. Whether it's bottle service, champagne or cocktails, our staff are the best in town and will look after your every need.

If you are looking for a fun activity during the early evenings, our cocktail master classes are the way to go. Booked up well in advance, these are fun and immersive experiences led by well trained and charismatic bar tenders.

Welcome to Door 77.

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