Scruffy Murphys

Scruffy Murphys

  • Newton Street, Birmingham B4 7LN


Welcome to Scruffys Murphys, Birmingham’s Best and Longest running Rock Pub. If you like your music heavy, Scruffys is the place to be in Birmingham. Located in the heart of Birmingham's city centre, Scruffys has existed for nearly 20 years and has been serving the rock and metal community with the finest beers, ales and spirits as well as the Best DJ's and Bands from the UK & Europe. 

Whether you Punter, Band, DJ, Promoter or Drunk, Scruffys always has the best events / nights for you!  

History / Background 
Scruffys Murphys has been in existence since Feburary 2001 and has been Birminghams Best Rock Pub ever since, and is now one of the few surviving Rock Bastions in the West Midlands.

Scruffy's was born from the ashes of the Pen and Wig and quickly became one of the best independent rock pubs in Birmingham. 
A few years later on we were among the best of the UK and then on our 10th Anniversary in 2011 we are one of the only Rock Pubs left in Birmingham, but with friends and fans across the UK and the rest of the world, including the U.S, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries, all with a passion for Beer and Heavy Metal! We hope and look forward to be able to continue this awesome legacy for another 10 years!

Here at Scruffy Murphys one of the things we have immense pride for is our rich history in bands and musicians, either performing on our stages or just chilling in our bar. We have regular visits from the members of Naplam Death, Benediction, GBH and Anaal Nathraak to name but a few as well as bands dropping in for a beer while on our tour, such as the dudes from Municipal Waste, Evile and Carcass. 

We also enjoy booking and putting on shows for everyones favourite bands, some from far far away and some from right here in Birmingham, unsigned or signed it makes no difference to us, there all awesome! Weve had performance's from the likes of SALLY, Exploder, Mistress, Viking Skull, Benediction, Winterfyllith, as well as upcoming ones from Xerath, Cerebral Bore and Fury UK to name but a few notable ones, but were equally open to all manner of unsigned/signed bands! 

Of course here at Scruffy Murphys, we like nothing better than traditional pub related activties such as quality beers, wines and spirits, pub games and live sports, all of which we cater for to the highest possible standard. 

All in all Scruffys is one of the best places to hang out in Birmingham, no matter if youre after, a tasty beverage, some good quality tunes or excellent live music! We hope to see you all at the bar very soon! 

The Scruffys Team

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