Bourne & Co.

Bourne & Co.

Through the prism of a cocktail glass, Bourne & Co are here to create a vibe, mixing remnants of the past with a more convivial era. We are here to bring back the craftmanship of bartending that we lost somewhere along the way. Launched in sacred remembrance of the ‘Good old days’ when bartending was an exact science and your troubles could be forgotten at any corner. A time when a man could get frostbite on his hand from shaking cocktails without the kink in his neck from peering over his shoulder on the look out for Prohibition agents.

What follows in the pages ahead is a basic guide to the drinks we serve at Bourne & Co. We aim to focus on vintage and classic cocktails paying tribute to the history and understanding different styles of drink. This allows us to feature rhythmus select beverages whether they are modern creations or twisted classics.

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