AfterDark Ticket Resellers

Become a ticket reseller on AfterDark.

Our system is simple to use and can earn you a commission on every ticket you sell through your own ticket page. Simply create a shop on our website and then apply to promoters for a ticket allocation of their tickets to sell to your friends and family. Once the event has passed your commission will be paid into your bank account. Simples. Please note that each promoter sets a commission you can earn per ticket sold. The ticket has to be purchased through your own ticket shop and your shop name can be set by you – upon completing our small application form. Your shop name will be something like this: Sell your tickets using AfterDark Ticket Resellers.

Sell your tickets using AfterDark Ticket Resellers.

AfterDark have developed a platform to enable promoters and event organisers to list their tickets to our growing ticket seller population on for resale at a commission you set. The higher the commission – the more attractive it will be to our resellers. You can choose who sells tickets on your behalf and you can select the amount they sell too. The ticket seller will direct sales through their own ticketing pages on AfterDark and their commissions will be taken from the money you generate from ticket sales. Once your event has passed, AfterDark will pay the commission to ticket sellers who have successfully sold tickets through their own shop.

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