Geraint Rhys & The Lost Generation Album Launch


  • Cardiff

At Gwdihw Café Bar, Geraint Rhys launched the EP 'All That Is Left Is Us'

Gemma Collard Photography saw and thought the following:

Geraint Rhys & The Lost Generation packed out Venue Gwdihw for their album launch. The whole room moved as they played tracks from this release, that's been 2 years in the making. There's often a reggae beat to move to, mixed with vocals that make you want to start a revolution. Geraint's lyrics provoke thoughts of change, he clearly observes and analyses life's circumstances and writes songs that highlights what's needed in the world. As he said himself, there's a theme to his songs about being fed up. Timely. 

'Communication sometimes doesn't have to be so many words...'

Find Geraint Rhys here:

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