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  • Cardiff

This week, Big Scott Radio? broadcast Amo Rex?, Ambergris? and The Floral Wham Trams?



live from the big Brewhouse?'s what Gemma Collard Photography? saw and thought.

Amo Rex has the most beautifully chilled, dreamy voice. She sings of stolen moments, distant memories and with raw emotion. She writes plays and sings the kind of songs that make you want to lean your head on a special someone's shoulder. You can place yourself in each of her songs, I particularly felt this during 'Echo of the Rain'. Beautiful tones, keep watching this talent emerge. 
Find her here:

Ambergris' singer has a powerfully captivating voice, she sings with real clarity and is supported by two stunningly melodic guitars. Their song 'Gold' particularly stands out and is live in Big Scott's playlist on Inspired by Unsigned now. They grab the audience's attention, humbling and melancholy. 
Find them here:

The Floral Wham Trams - WOW! A young band, full of fun and summer funk. Their sound is filled with fiddle, banjo, bass, guitar, ukulele, tambourine, a strong drum line and three female vocals. They're a band of best friends, you can see they're having fun and it's infectious. They make you tap your toes, shimmy down with a real festival feel. They create an atmosphere and are REALLY exciting to watch. Catch them soon!
Find them here:

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