Hunka Chunk





  • Bristol

Bristol's only Gay Underground House event.
Showcasing some of the best up and coming DJ's from Bristol and Wales. 

Aside from an extensive in house menu, an array of classic cocktails can be ordered, with the only limitations being imagination. Our bartenders can create new drinks off the cuff, tailored to your specific needs.

Or, if you simply prefer to kick back with a beer, that's fine too.

But the main focus of our adventure is this:

We are outlaws till the bitter end. Unbound from any notion of trends or theme, we exist within a style of our very own. Within the arched stonework of this ancient part of Old Bristol, we can be whatever you need us to be, because we are restricted by nothing. If you want to sit and enjoy a quiet drink, you can. If you want to take heel and cut shapes to an incredible selection of music, of diverse styles, then you can. Or, if you simply want to crack wise with the tenders and slug whiskey, that's fine as well.

We don't break the mould, we make it! 

We aim to misbehave.

We'll see you there.

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