Amen4Bris-Tek Presents Fant4stik





  • Bristol

Tek massive get yourself ready ! Bris-Tek & Amen4Tekno Records are coming together to give you a chance to see the almighty Fant4stik right here in Bristol 1st time in the UK.

The Trinity Centre has hosted major musical events for over two decades and is recognised as the birthplace of 'the Bristol Sound'.

Originally covenanted to the African-Caribbean Community Association in the late 1970s, the Trinity Centre has for three decades been a multicultural community venue with a strong music, hosting cutting-edge shows.

As many of Britain's key music venues are being swallowed up by large organisations, the Trinity Centre remains one of the last independent music venues in the UK, programming a calendar of music that is both affordable and relevant to the local and wider communities of Bristol.

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