The Dead Reds Live with Junkyard Choir at The Con Club Lewes





  • Brighton

The Dead Reds Live at Lewes Con Club


It’s time to get back on the Rum , we are well into the New Year , and ready for a Dead Reds Party ! That’s right we are back in our favourite town Lewes ... get ready to hear some killer extended guitar solos , thundering drums and harp fuelled Dirty Blues. Hang up your ties , put the whisky in the glass and let’s give it to the Man .... If you ain’t got the blues .... you ain’t playing music \m/ 

Friday 9th February 2k18
FREE Doors Open 8pm

The Dead Reds
A band with quite a lot to say about the state of the world and where it is going. Renegade Genesis, an album with quite a lot of style, groove and pure magic in the sound. It does come with a parental advisory warning but as an adult, is pure class!!

Junkyard Choir!

"a virile tequila blues engine" \\ "cracking blues bravado"

NEW ALBUM OUT NOW! Buy it, download it, stream it, bootleg it - whatever your pleasure, just get it now! Physical CD available to order from Bandcamp. Digital release available on all platforms:


Photos By

Andy Voakes

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