Southwestsiide Duncan Disorderly Rivv 31.04.18





  • Brighton

Southwestsiide  Duncan Disorderly  Rivv 31.04.18


***SouthWestsiide*** 10.30

SouthWestsiide delivers golden age hip hop with a Nu Skool twist . Melting their own style with sublime crowd interaction has proven a hugely effective fusion , enjoyed at venues and festivals across the country .

Appearing at Boomtown, Small World festival, featuring on the renowned Juice Fm and signing the up & coming Brighton based BOT label are just a handful of the milestones achieved in the last year .?

Keeping the real hip hop vibe alive for all the music fans out there is their mantra, delivering perfect entertainment is their product . Not to be missed out on!

***Duncan Disorderly*** 9.30

***Rivv*** 8.30


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Andy Voakes

The Richmond is back. With an exciting new look, a great selection of drinks and upcoming events, you can look forward to having a new live music venue.

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