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'"Hints of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Anna Calvi...she'd be right at home playing in some divey bar in Twin Peaks"
- Tom Robinson - BBC6 Music

"Set to be huge.....like something from a David Lynch or Quentin Tarantino film. Effortlessly draws you in with every song and you won't want to let go" 
- Alex Flynn - Brighton Noise

".....dark and brooding sound. The music is not short on drama; bells chime, organs murmur and guitars swirl beneath the vocals of singer Taylor Madison Damion, who’s every inflection and phrase seems designed to almost fling the next lyrical barb at the listener"
- James Robbins - Fresh On The Net

The only Brighton date of 2016, Emberhoney returns to play this one off solo show to support the release her new music video 'Some Kind of Alchemy'. The show will feature songs from her new release in 2017, 'The Ghost in the Machine' plus some Emberhoney classics.

"Some Kind of Alchemy" is a sepia-soaked reverie inspired by the aesthetic of low-budget 1940's Film Noir, with a nod to the
more contemporary enchanted world of Tim Burton.

"Some Kind of Alchemy" is a pensive affair, with cinnamon vocals and cinematic strings slinking alongside lyrics of existential angst. The song illuminates the crepuscular introspections of Emberhoney mind and serves as a perfect introduction to her music and songwriting.

Video: "Crimes Against Your Vanity" - https://goo.gl/N7lPAU


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A bass and vocals set from part of Brighton based trip-hop rock band Hava. Ambient and dark, experimental bluesy vocals expressing social and personal troubles through unique lyrical content.

“An artist who proves that emotion is best placed anywhere where innocence remains untouched” - Martin Stapleton.
Infleunces include Nick Drake, Laura Marling and Joni Mitchell.

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Andy Voakes



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