Delta Works & Hava at Quadrant





  • Brighton

Delta Works

"Borne out of the rain-soaked stones of the Brighton beaches, Delta Works are here to to truly let you taste the colour of psychedelic grooves. Formed in 2017, these four musicians hail from a variety of backgrounds across England, Ireland and beyond, but come together under a single goal: to reawaken the lost art form of tripping you out. Taking years of music education and inspiration from bands such as Radiohead, Led Zeppelin and Soundgarden, Delta Works have transformed their skills into musical effusions that explore all corners of the Psychedelic and Rock genres, getting you closer to the experience of being a lava lamp than ever before.
The band make it their mission to create interesting, conceptual and emotive tracks which tell a story and captivate the listener, and live, the band prove this mission to be a success beyond all doubt with tremendous sets showcasing the full extent of their talent, both as individual musicians and a unit. Riffs to get you jumping, low-ends to shake your liver, rhythms to get you dancing and vocals to make you question your sexuality, Delta Works are so much more than just another rock band."


Experimental, haunting, and high range Kate Bush/Diamanda Galas style vocals with a hint of a jazzy tone inspired by Amy Winehouse. Dark, atmospheric and heavy instrumentation with a doomed Trip Hop Portishead twist, Brighton based HAVA raise awareness for invisible illnesses through their ominous sound.


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Andy Voakes

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