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  • Brighton

BIG JOE BONE plays a mix of fast, furious Delta Blues, Bluegrass, Oldtime, Gospel and Hillbilly music with raspy vocals, hard driving harmonica rhythms, bottleneck slide guitar playing on steel bodied guitars and finger-picked 5 string banjos.....all held together by a very heavy stomping boot!

"Big Joe proved why he could soon be hailed as UK's acoustic Seasick Steve"
- Blues In Britain Magazine

"You would swear he has just come up from Mississippi rather than mid-Wales or down from high up in the Appalachians rather than Aberystwyth"
- Blues Matters Magazine

"Joe attacked his set with his usual foot stomping style at a speed that would impress most thrash metal bands. It would also be a crime not to mention Joe’s customised work boots in which he has attached a pickup creating an inbuilt stop box"
- After Dark Magazine
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Support from:

Harry J. Vick is a Country Blues/American Folk bottleneck guitarist and singer based in Brighton. He specialises in the early Blues music of the Mississippi Delta in an energetic, raw and exciting manner.

Rob Abbott is a man who loves concise songs of a "rocknrollnbluesnprog" nature. He hails from Brighton and holds comparisons to Steve Miller & Nick Lowe.


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Andy Voakes

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