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1 in Five 

Brighton's finest Hard Rock Blues band, playing straight up rock n roll with a melodic rhythm section, rippin’ guitars, and powerful vocals. Gigging regularly and gaining airplay on over 250 radio stations worldwide 1 in Five are one of the most exciting bands to come out of Brighton in a LONG time! If you like bands like Guns n Roses, Deep Purple, and Rival Sons you'll love this.

Check out the video for the title track from their second EP, Evolve, and download the EP for free here: 



Veni, Vidi, Vici 

A patchwork quilt of alternative rock with pop melody lines sewn throughout. This is a band who are going places. If ever there was a need for a guitar band to hit the mainstream again and bring the whole grassroots scene back into focus it was now. And if there was ever a band who were going to do that then these 4 ladies with their grungey goodness and catchy hooked choruses are most certainly it.

Check out VVV's latest single Spotlight here: 




High energy Rock n Roll with groove! London based Airdrop are a fast, exciting rock band with a real swing, and funk, punk & blues seeping in. The band pride themselves on the energy and excitement of their live shows, watch out for Al the bassist who can often be seen jumping from bar tops or playing on fans shoulders!

Check out Victoria, the lead single from Airdrop's debut album, Serotonin Sunrise, here:



Chuck SJ Hay

Born with a vagina, raised with balls. Chuck SJ Hay has been a staple of the Brighton music scene as both a performer and promoter for many years now. The Kickstarter funding for her self released debut album 'Mood Swings' was obtained in just 48 hours from her devoted fans leading Chuck to gain several prestige festival slots including The Alternative Escape, and L-Fest, the UK lesbian arts & comedy festival. Having toured the UK and Europe relentlessly throughout 2016, in June Chuck took on the task of writing and recording a song a day for a year! Yep that's 365 songs that are released monthly and available to anyone who subscribes on the bandcamp page!

Check out the fanclub and some of Chuck SJ Hay's other tracks here: 


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Andy Voakes


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