RNCM Opera: Hansel And Gretel By Engelbert Humperdinck




Anthony Kraus conductor
Stephen Medcalf director
Yannis Thavoris set and costume designer
Kevin Thraves chorus master
Jack Sheen assistant conductor
Bethan Rhys Wiliam choreographer

RNCM Opera Orchestra
RNCM Opera Chorus

Magical and somewhat dark, Hansel and Gretel is possibly the most popular operatic fairytale of them all. Based on the Brothers Grimm story, we witness the brother and sister run away from a poor home where hunger is an ever-present threat, to the bountiful and idyllic world of the forest, with its possibilities but also its dangers

While searching for food, the siblings encounter an amazing cast of supernatural characters and embark on a rollercoaster journey. Frightened that they have lost their way, they first run into the Sandman who sprinkles sand over their eyes to send them to sleep. The children say their prayers then in their dreams, 14 angels manifest to protect them. Later, the Dew Fairy surfaces to wake them and that is when they catch their first glimpse of the candy-coloured gingerbread house and the true villain of the piece, the Witch!

Hansel and Gretel certainly has dark elements but it also explores wider themes, juxtaposing good vs evil. It addresses faith and spirituality plus its a coming of age story a tale of transition, redemption and resolution. Humperdincks music magically evokes the contrasting worlds of the story and the sweeping but accessible score is much admired for its folk-inspired themes. Ultimately, whats fascinating about this opera is that the music, like the children, seems to grow up during the course of the piece.

This production will be performed in English.

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