BREAKCORPS: Live Breakcore And Electronic Sets From Broken Note,




Nightshift Promotions present...
(in association with MethLab Agency and Ad Noiseam)

BREAKCORPS: Bank Holiday Sunday Breakcore Party!

Broken Note (live set)
Igorrr (live set with singers)
Ruby My Dear (live set)
Shitwife (band)
Raveyards (band)

with live visuals by HYP3RVJ

Price: 17.50 adv / 20.00 otd
(15.00 Early Bird Ticket available until Monday 14th March)

Doors: 9pm - 3am
Come down on Bank Holiday Sunday 29th May for the second ever installment of BREAKCORPS: A live breakcore party like no other featuring the best underground breakcore DJs/Producers around! Party on people!

Since exploding onto the scene in 2008, London's Broken Note have followed a path of unrelenting sonic carnage across the globe and stand at the forefront of well-crafted heavy music: Twisting cinematic sound design and brutally heavy bass around the aggressive beats found in heavy metal and dark Drum n Bass, this is breakcore at it's nastiest!
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Igorrr (aka Gautier Serre) is a composer of electronic and acoustic music who mixes genres as widely-varying as breakcore, glitch, baroque, death metal, and trip-hop among others. He is based in France and has been composing music since 2006.
"Imagine what would be if a church organist goes crazy, learns to growl, masters the wisdom of working with sound on computer, learns to beat drums rhythms in the manner of Slipknot, plays drum machine la Venetian Snares. His favorite musical instruments would be Latin guitar, he would listen to music of the Middle Ages and his hobby would be to collect old records. Have you imagined that? Well, Igorrr is something of this kind." - Dmitry Quarck
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Ruby My Dear's music has always stood out for the intelligent way in which he brings its audience to dance and twitch, and yet always take the listener by the hand and keep a humane approach. This is not the hardest music around, but it might very well be the most organic and cohesive breakcore in a very long time. Ruby My Dear slides from hard breaks to laid back beauty with grace, without sacrificing the particularly high production value of his material. There is no doubt that Ruby My Dear brings a very fresh approach to breakcore and does so with insolent talent and open ears. Audiences worldwide have finally recognized his talent with Remains Of Shapes To Come and should find in Form an even more seducing and energizing evolution.
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Shitwife are a two piece from London, featuring Wayne Adams (Death Pedals, Ladyscaper etc) on laptop/gizmos and Henri Grimes (Shield Your Eyes) on drums. Born from the capitals DIY scene, they have played an absolute fuck load of gigs. They play right in the middle of the crowd. Its maxed out, exhilarating stuff, which given them the ability to sneak onto pretty much any line up, from a grindcore night all the way to a warehouse raves.
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Featuring Brent from Belgian sludge band Steak Number Eight, electronic band Raveyards are locked in an ongoing quest to shape sound in new ways, keeping digital experience on a constant ride. All the pieces are coming together for their upcoming releases.You can actually feel how they are drawing on a century and more of popular culture. Their songs have echoes of all sorts of music and non-music, from the industrial buzzsaw sounds of distorted drum-machines to the sounds of sonar and the twangy guitars of an obscure B-movie soundtrack from the 70s. William Burroughs, who is regarded by the band as a dark high-priest, once said that when you cut into the present, the future leaks out. Raveyards have assimilated and then assassinated the past and present in their work to make there own way into the future.
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There are currently no tickets available for this event.

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