An Alternative March Gathering




An Alternative Gathering are back for our March show with a bit of glam grunge/punk for you all.

From 8pm
Free Entry

Jellly is about 4 creative minds who joined forces in order to enrich the world with their art. Together they formed a band, playing a style best described as Psy-Glam, powerful but melodic.
Individually they're involved in various artistic disciplines which allows them to bounce off each other and makes the combination of those 4 people even more interesting.
The tunes themselves are radio friendly ditties with a dark side, a twist, telling tales of the untold.

Think Pistols Stones Slade Duran Blondie. All in the melting pot. All played thunderously loud. Bexatron are five piece band based in London fronted by the idol-esque Rebecca Bex. We play hi-octane pop punk with a glam coat!

A very vibrant & colourful mixture of style, culture, sex, musical influence & facial hair all puked up onto a backdrop of thumping beats, grinding bass, screeching guitar & soaring harmonies. Catch them now before they become illegal. Dirty grunge with a punk edge, and no shortage of energy!

There are currently no tickets available for this event.

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