Elder Island At Roundhouse




Tickets on sale Friday 8 February at 10am: https://rockfeedback.seetickets.com/event/elder-island/roundhouse/1309860

Beware before entering Elder Islands world because once youre in you wont want to leave. Be prepared to be led down paths from which you cant come back, to be captivated by sensual, soulful, shapeshifting songs, to encounter lyrics littered with clues.

There is magic in Elder Islands music and perhaps a little witchcraft. Trying to pin the Bristol trios sound down is pointless because the usual pop rules dont apply. Textures matter as much as melodies. Genres bend and blend. Electronics rub shoulders with odd instruments. Katy Sargent sings as though casting a spell.

They are songs to lose yourself in, to be swept away by, to send shivers up your spine. What they mean is for the listener to decipher. There are signposts, of course alluring lyrics, telling atmospherics, tantalising sonic twists and turns, tempo-changing beats but these lovingly-crafted life stories arent literal. Theyre far too smart for that.

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