Virginia Wing - Live In London!




Upset The Rhythm presents

Thursday 11 October
OSLO, 1a Amhurst Road, Hackney, London, E8 1LL
7.30pm | 8 |

VIRGINIA WING are an inventive psych-pop duo based in Manchester, who take their name from Grace Slicks mother. Consisting of Alice Merida Richards (Vocals, Synths, Organ) and Samuel Pillay (Synths, guitar, noises, bass), their music is a sprawling amalgamation of experimental pop songs with texture, depth and nuance; daring, progressive and forever bold. After two previous stunning albums, Virginia Wing return on June 8th with renewed strength, optimism and clarity for their new album Ecstatic Arrow (Fire Records).

Ecstatic Arrow borrows from the heterogeneous terrain of The Flying Lizards Fourth Wall, the exuberant technology assisted pop of Yellow Magic Orchestra and the playful sophistication of Lizzy Mercier Descloux, arriving at the evergreen intersection of pop music and conceptual art. The voice of Alice Merida Richards is more compelling and expressive than ever. The glacial deadpan of previous records has given way to a more candid, self-possessed delivery, showing an appreciation for the humour and tragedy innate in the downtown Arcadia of Laurie Anderson, Robert Ashley or even Lynn Goldsmiths Will Powers. Its with this voice that Richards outlines a simple ideality that fortifies the entirety of the album inequality pervades, destructive behaviours are inherited and each subsequent generation has to reconcile the debts of its precursor yet a space exists within ourselves and each other that houses a fact we must be reminded of we have the ability to choose.

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