An Orchestral Rendition Of Dr. Dre: 2001 - Cardiff On SALE!




No Strings Attached are pleased to present that we're back with our LIVE Orchestral Rendition of:

DR. DRE : 2001

This body of work features so many intricate musical layers, we have brought in one of the UKs leading Orchestras to perform a complete rendition of the album and some of Dres west coast classics from start to finish.

Accompanied by DJ's, singers, and lyricists - this is not your average Orchestral event.

This is no ordinary Orchestral event. Expect a full standing crowd, with performances from various DJs, lyricists and singers as well as a full Orchestral Rendition of Dr. Dres: 2001 album, followed by other of Dres west coast classics.

This is the combination of a traditional Orchestra merging with a modern live hip-hop music event.

Were extremely excited to bring this production to Tramdhsed in Cardiff.

Note: Dr Dre will not be attending this event. This is an orchestral rendition event performing covers and renditions. This is a standing event.


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