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On Saturday August 31st @ The Moon, Cardiff, Beatboxers from all over Wales will battle it out to become The Official Welsh Beatbox Champion 2019 in the main solos, loop station and under 18's categories. This is a FREE ENTRY event for spectators but competitors will be asked to pay a 5 entry fee to help cover running costs. Under 18's have to leave the premises by 9pm

* Record a video of yourself Beatboxing (unedited) and upload to YouTube.com of roughly 2 minutes for the main solos, under 18's and roughly 3 minutes for the loop station battles
* Send an e-mail to CardiffBeatboxBattles@gmail.com with the following details:
Your Birth name, Beatbox/Stage name, date of birth, phone number, where you're from and the link to your entry video and if youre using an external device with your loop station, please let me know the make and model of it)
* 5 entry fee (to help cover costs)

**Entries close Saturday 17th of August**

Judge Panel:
To Be Announced

Our Judge panel will be scoring you on the following criteria:-

-Main Solos-
Entry Video - Roughly 2 minutes
Elimination round - 1 minute 30 seconds

The best 15 of these will be chosen to compete in the play-off rounds. Current solos champion 'Scythe' gains automatic qualification into the round of 16.

Round of 16 - 2 x 1 minute 30 seconds each
Quarter Finals - 2 x 1 minute 30 seconds each
Semi Finals - 2 x 1 minute 30 seconds each
The Final - 2 x 1 minute 30 seconds each
** any extra time - 1 minute each **

-Loop Station-
Entry video: roughly 3 minutes

Elimination round - 3 minutes
Semi Finals - (2 x) 3 minutes
The Final - (2 x) 3 minutes
** any extra time 3 minutes each **

you are allowed to use an additional vocal processor/looper device alongside your main loop station. Any devices approved by GBB are allowed, which are:-

- Korg Kaoss Pad
- Boss RC-505
- Boss RC-202
- TC Helicon vlt2
- Roland VT-3
- Roland VT-4 (with midi keyboard)
- Boss GT10b

If there is a device not on this list that you would like to use, please message me.

-Under 18's-
Entry Video: roughly 2 minutes

Current Under 18's Champion 'Dari' gains automatic qualification into the quarter finals

Elimination round: 1 minute 30 seconds
Quarter Finals - 2 x 1 minute 30 seconds each
Semi Finals - 2 x 1 minute 30 seconds each
The Final - 2 x 1 minute 30 seconds each
** any extra time - 1 minute each **

* Entries close at midnight of Saturday 17th of August
* Competitors have to be Welsh or at least a resident in Wales for the one year
* Winner of the coin toss decides who goes first in the battles
* Battles will be in the usual 'A-B-A-B' format
* Please arrive by 3pm to register and pay entry fee
* Loop Station artist will be sound checked from 3pm
* Participants will need to be alert and close the stage during proceedings
* On the day, you may be asked to sign a lease form allowing the footage to be put the YouTube Channel 'Beatbox Wales'
* Aggressive/ dangerous body contact will lead to automatic disqualification
* Any questions please message myself or e-mail CardiffBeatboxBattles@gmail.com

[Dragon illustration on cover photo by SP:Zero - www.spzero76.com]

Good Luck! - Hann

There are currently no tickets available for this event.

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