The Afro-Tropical Discotheque!




Disco and funk are all good and proper.  Add a bit of that Caribbean crush though and now we’re talking!  Think of the last Saturday of this month as Tour de exotica!  

Shaking from the heart of Africa to the South of America via funky Jamaica!  A melting pot banansa!

Afrobeat & Cumbia & Latin & Tropicalia!

Helping the party along we have grandiose guests Miles Day & Mr Downs.  

Miles Day, of Sure Shot fame, has been getting fruitier by the day specialising in unknown Highlife / Afro tresures.  For good measure we've asked him to bring along that lovely niceness from South American and all.

Downs, of the mighty Club Tropicana, will be approaching the situation with pina colada in the one hand, Zimbabwe twists in the other.  If he's feeling especially lively he'll even provide a touch of the middle east!

As always the bar staff will be providing half prices drinks before 10 with joyous grins on their faces!

There are currently no tickets available for this event.

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