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American Hardcore punk legends Adrenalin O.D. in a very rare visit to the U.K and an even rarer visit to Wales this Summer with support from Rash Decision BKS and System Reset

Adrenalin O.D. formed in October 1981.A.O.D.'s first recordings saw release on the widely distributed New York Thrash cassette compilation released on ROIR cassettes in 1982. The compilation also featured the first recordings of the Beastie Boys, as well as prominent New York City punk bands like Kraut and the Washington DC band Bad Brains. The comedic and speedy "Paul's Not Home" became a college radio hit.

A.O.D.'s first vinyl release, a six-song (EP) entitled Let's Barbeque, was released on their own Buy Our Records label. Buy Our Records became one of New Jersey's largest indie punk labels and springboarded the careers of many bands including Flag of Democracy, Raging Slab, and Pussy Galore.

Adrenalin O.D.'s first album entitled The Wacky Hijinks of Adrenalin O.D. showcased the band's use of blazing speed-punk and sarcastic lyrics, taking aim at the suburban experience with songs like "Middle Aged Whore","Trans Am" (the inspiration for the Dead Milkmen's "Bitchin' Camaro"), and the crowd favorite "Rock n' Roll Gas Station". The band turned down offers from virtually every major metal label looking to market the band to the emerging thrash metal crowds, maintaining that even though their songs had a metallic edge they were a punk band. Some of the songs on HumungousFungusAmongus are the fastest hardcore tracks ever recorded.

Catch them FUEL ROCK CLUB August 2020.

Advance tickets 12 (+fee) are available below

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