Liquid Lunar Sessions #26 - Bank Holiday Special




Our monthly liquid dnb end of the weekend chill! Come on down for a nice chilled end to your weekend, not a big rave up just some good music, good drinks, maybe a pie and a bit of a boogie!

This one will be the August bank holiday so should be extra fun! We will have an extended b2b session to finish after the usual sets.

We run this as an open decks thing so anyone is welcome to come and play for 30-45 mins depending on how many people are involved. Tunes in the general direction of LIQUID dnb, a fair bit of scope there but nothing too hard/heavy please! We enjoy all dnb but it will all make sense why this is a liquid only thing as it suits the time, vibe etc!

It is mega laid back, open to all ages (over 18!) and abilities. Lots of people have come and played for the first time in public or got back on the decks for the first time in ages. Everyone is very welcoming and supports each other, so a great way to break out from bedroom DJ to low key public situation, brush up if a bit out of practice or just come and meet some like minded heads!

We will post during the week before the event to see who is up for playing, around 6 or 7 people is optimum and we will offer it first to people who didn't play last time and see how we go.

We have a basic little set up with Pioneer CDJ 350s so might be missing some of the fancier features of higher spec decks but it's all just about playing tunes so no need to worry! DJs will need to bring 2 memory sticks with your tunes and headphones if you prefer to use your own!

Free drink for every DJ.


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