Bring Your Own Tracks 28 (Open Decks)




BYOT is a networking event and showcase for DJs, and possibly one of the most truly eclectic nights of music in Bristol. 6 DJs in an open deck format playing the music they love! Whether you come to play, listen, dance, chat, network, or just drink some cocktails, you are welcome, whoever you are.


Q: How do I play?

A: Enter a sign-up and win. An online sign-up sheet will be posted in the event discussion below, and in the Bring Your Own Tracks/Decent Exposure group. Set winners will be drawn from a hat. Feel free to join the group for useful updates and stuff! There is also always a live sign-up, which you can enter in person by attending an event, to be in with a far better chance of playing at the next BYOT.

Q: How do I know if I've won?

A: A live video of the draw will be broadcasted to my page: Max's Sentient Jukebox, approximately 2 weeks before the event. be sure to like the page so this appears on your newsfeed.

Q: I've won a set! What time will it be at on the night?

A: Set times are decided randomly at the start of the event. Set winners must arrive before 7.30 to receive their randomly drawn set time.

Q: How long are sets?

A: 40mins!

Q: What genres can I play?

A: There is an open genre policy at BYOT, so play what you love! We do ask, however, that all DJs respect the venue and its patrons when selecting their music. We like a bit of weirdness, but if a DJ is creating a constant atmosphere that is too heavy and/or aggressive for casual cocktail drinking, they will be turned down or their set will be cut short. If you have any doubts about this just shoot me a message!

Q: But I love Gabba?

A: Watch this space, a harder version of BYOT is coming soon... Join the Bring Your Own Tracks/Decent Exposure group to stay clued up on this.

Q: What's the equipment?

A: An XDJ-RX2, a pair of Reloop RP7000Mk2 Turntables and a DJM-350 mixer. Tracks must be brought on a Rekordbox'd USB stick (FLAC files are not supported), on vinyl or as part of a DVS system.

Q: Did you say cocktails?

A: Yes. A frankly brilliant selection of cocktails are available at the bar all evening, 2-4-1 before 8!

Q: How much is entry?

A: BYOT is a FREE event!

Any other questions, gimme a message. In the mean time, happy digging!

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