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DHP Family proudly presents
Some Bodies live at The Louisiana
Friday 15 November

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Fuzzing Ty Segall guitars with a wistful glance back to pop musics past Bristol in Stereo

The rolling keyboard notes recall those early Pink Floyd singles, while the sighing vocals are reminiscent of Tame Impala at their finest Clash Magazine

In November Bristol boys Some Bodies invite you on a dreamlike, madcap trip with debut album Sunscreen.

An adventure island surrounded by waves of nostalgia and built on a foundation of blissful, retrocentric rock, Some Bodies shape a world over the course of ten impeccably produced pop nuggets thats distorted yet inviting, told from the point of view of a band looking back at their youth.

The melancholy nature of Sunscreen bares all the markings of a half-forgotten summer of freedom before life happens and were forced to look at the world without the rose-tinted glasses of adolescence. As such its both unforgettable in its melodies and delicately playful, but boasts some hefty modern subject matters such as virtue signaling, climate change, dead-end jobs, celebrity, religion, shame, social media and mental health.

There are a lot of questions and no answers on this album were told by guitarist and lead songwriter Fred Hickey, It's fairly soul searching. Personally I was just shedding all the disguises of my early twenties and writing about them. It sounds like someone giving themselves a good talking to to me. The "grand conceptual idea" Tom and I would keep coming back to when were talking about the lyrics and imagery was this "shit holiday resort desert island. We were just laughing at all of these characters being cooked by global warming surrounded by an ocean of plastic. But I guess we were those characters and making this record is all we had to protect ourselves from getting cooked. Hence "Sunscreen".

The album pulls in sounds from every corner of rock history, from the dulcet lo-fi harmonies of The Beach Boys and Sparklehorse to the contemporary psychedelic leanings of Tame Impala and Beach House. Opener Tired All The Time recalls lazy, hazy afternoons before the poignant TV Show hits harder with an aggressive krautrock riff and smoky delivery.

Elsewhere album highlights like Higher Self and Sunshine revel in their unabashed love for The Beatles, and if these tracks serve to lead you on a journey through the bands surreal fictional funfair then Escape plays the role of haunted house, with its dark edge, jagged guitars and sinister garage-rock rhythm. Towards the end on Aint Over Yet were given a healthy slice of Pixies charm, without cutting too close to the bone.

Recorded by Stew Jackson at the legendary Rockfield Studios, the LP offers gloriously crafted indie-pop that at times feels vintage in its presentation but Some Bodies have taken everything they know from these timeless eras and twisted them into something quite unique. In a similar fashion to bands like Foxygen or The Lemon Twigs, their music aptly reflects this generation's sentimentality for the past and for escapism.

Starting to make some waves locally in Bristol, the band have recently shared stages with the likes of FUR, Champagne Superchillin and Sugar Candy Mountain, played Liverpool Sound City and their first London shows include those for Huw Stephens and George Godfrey.

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