Father Funk's Church Of Love: Third Birthday




THE CHURCH OF LOVE IS TURNING 3! It can almost tie it’s own shoelaces! Join us at The Lanes on the 22nd of February for one hell of a funky birthday party. It’s also Father Funk’s 25th birthday so it’s going to be particularly debaucherous…


Everyman (LA) [first ever UK show]
Father Funk [25th birthday]
X-Ray Ted
Binbag Wisdom [live]
Madame Electrifie [disco set]

"Our Father,
Who lays down funk,
Wobbly is thy bass,
Thy set time will come,
Bangers will be spun,
In the fields, clubs, and in Heaven.
Give us this night a funky break,
And forgive us our jives,
As we forgive those who jive against us.
Lead us not into temptation,
And deliver us from EDM,
For yours is the rhythm, the wobble and the funk,
Forever and ever...
Amen Breaks"

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£9 (+ £1.00 booking fee)

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Father Funk


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