Punk To Post - DingNight #1




The first in the dingNight gig seires, curated by ding records. Each night has a theme, the theme for this one being "punk to post" - as the evening progresses the music will get less sharp and more floaty.

Tickets are 5.

Last Hyena - This band creates lush guitar and bass horizons with some juicy unexpected chords, and mathy rhythms.

Hexcut - This band plays mathy jazz/dance music through virtuosic keys performance, nimble fingered bass and a backbeat you can take to the shops with you it's so solid.

eachOne - This band plays raw and aggressive alternative rock music using fuzzy piano keys, heavy drums and loud vocals. They're also a bit mathy sometimes.

Foster and Found - This punk band hits you in the face with loud and surprising notes, and shouted vocals, like a monster shaking the bars of the alt-rock cage.

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