Napalm. Pineapple Tribe & Ooops Bristol Takeover




we have decided to invite a crew that inspired us to start napalm all those years ago.expect everything free party over 2 rooms ranging from oldskool rave to full force core being pumped through the infrastack and our secondary turbosound system upstairs

Out of the free party scene of the early 90's, we don't give a fuck about image, status or genre - it's just all about the party.

Who are Pineappletribe?

It all started with a bunch of us going to free parties in the early 90s, and deciding we wanted to get in on the action and put some on ourselves. Id say the legendary Castlemorton Free Festival was the point of no return for most of us. Were made up of DJs, artists, MCs, engineers, basically all you need to put on a good party. Some of us have been there right from the start, but weve picked up some newer blood along the way. As well as regular London events at the likes of Rhythm Factory and Brixton Jamm, we also put on London's biggest free street rave every year, with our static pitch at Notting Hill Carnival.

We've hosted some legendary names at Carnival and our club nights, including Meat Katie, Plump DJ's, Far Too Loud, Pyramid and Beta.

How and when did the Notting Hill carnival stage start?

We started doing Notting hill carnival in the early 90s thanks to one of our founding members who did some stewarding for NHC and managed, somehow, to get us in there one year. We never really looked back after that.

What music are Pineappletribe into?

Weve been around almost 20 years now, so as you can imagine the music we have played has changed massively over that time. When we first started out we were mostly into old skool hardcore, the likes of Zero B, Liquid, Dance Conspiracy, and of course, The Prodigy. XL was one record label that comes to mind. A lot of us were living in London at the time, and we started going to some of the big squat parties put on by Bedlam and Spiral tribe, so techno became important to us - proper, hard techno - as well as the much more mellow and bouncy DIY type house that was coming out around that time. Later on came hard house and nuskool breaks. Currently our favourite artists include the Plump DJs, Meat Katie, Beta, Elite Force Stanton Warriors, and Far Too Loud.
The fact that weve been buying records for over 20 years means that weve built up our own unique sound consisting of the best tunes from all those genres over the years. Id say these days we mostly play breakbeat, but there are always plenty of classics coming out of the record bag.

What are Pineappletribe all about?

A fan summed us up perfectly a couple of years ago:

Satisfyingly loud, (pretty) lawless and totally devoid of attitude, pretentions or cliquey bullshit.

10-12 napalm warm up

Pineapple tribe take over

Hardcore dnb/Crossbreed/core

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