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Liz Lawrence plays The Prince Albert, Brighton on Tuesday 18th February!

Liz Lawrence frequently finds herself as the only guest at her private Pity Party. "It's a way of describing a sort of non-serious, non-life-threatening state of melancholy," she laughs. "It's one that I find myself in a lot." It is a phrase borne out of self-deprecating humour, with an element of a gentle personal rebuke. "It's that point in your head when you realise you're feeling really sorry for yourself. For me, that's the point at which a few lights come on, and you start to become more self-aware."

These moments of self-awareness were the germs of the ideas of what would become Pity Party, Lawrence's second solo album. A robust pop record, as wildly celebratory as it is panicked, Pity Party takes a magnifying glass to that idea that, as she suggests in None of My Friends, nobody is anywhere near okay. Through a combination of personal experience and exploring what is happening around her, Lawrence has written, recorded and produced an unvarnished yet defiant snapshot of her world right now. "I think almost every generation is scared that their generation is going to be the last one," she says, adding, with a knowing pity party flourish, "but it's quite hard to deny that it feels as if we're hurtling towards disaster."

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