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"A kaleidoscopical fusion of dreampop, psychedelia and progressive rock will send you to a different dimension".

Listen to Dreamwave here:

District 7

Right at that crucial point in time, where everything goes down, where life ends, or changes for good, DISTRICT 7s debut album A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO DAY is taking place. It takes the listener on a colourful, fast-paced ride through the whole spectrum of human life, from love to loss, from trauma to joy and all the nuances in between. The album is a retrospective of a lost life, a collage of memories of a person, of a feeling. It speaks both about the great future plans and reminds us of how easily a fragile human life can break. Sometimes, the world outside seems to fall apart while all you care about is the person most dear to you. And sometimes, your own life shatters, and the world outside doesnt seem to care Between the complex emotions of joy and trauma, the albums songs musically interpret modern human life, trying to give a colour, a tone and a voice to all the tiny emotional nuances of the 21st century, where terror and fun have never been so indistinguishably close together.

Listen to District 7 here:

Spike pop

Your friend Spike

Listen to Spike here:


Got-pop from Birmingham, UK

Listen to VEDA here:

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Doors 7:30 PM

VEDA 8:00 PM

Spike 8:45 PM

District 7 9:30 PM

Dreamwave 10:15 PM

Entry: 3

There are currently no tickets available for this event.

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