Giant Peach // KLAE // Askers Dodge




Giant Peach
Askers Dodge
4 - 7:30

Giant Peach
Giant Peach are a four-piece indie band from Brighton. Forming in early 2018, Giant Peach explore sounds that merge psychedelic grooves over canorous melodies and tightly packed harmonies, creating an indie-pop blend of fuzz-driven guitars and levitating 80s synths.
They released their debut single 'Melatonin' in June 2018 via Beth Shalom Records.
In October 2018, they were shortlisted out of 600 applicants for the Firestone Road to the MainStage competition. Earlier this year, they were shortlisted for the Isle of Wight New Blood competition.
"As a unit, Giant Peach are incredibly tight live. They all stand out very well as individuals and work seamlessly as a team. They dont focus on stage antics and dont exchange much with the crowd. They let the music speak for itself... Giant Peach are very much a band worth your attention and worth getting excited about." Brightons Finest

Klae are a female fronted five piece band hailing from Brighton. Consisting of driven riffs and thrashing guitars one moment and atmospheric soundscapes the next, Klae effortlessly combine harmonising styles to provide a gritty edge to their catchy pop melodies.

Askers Dodge
Askers Dodge is a blistering indie 4 piece international band based in Berlin, kindling shades of Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and Black Sabbath. Shows are frequent and energetic, full of witty lyrics, thick guitar, and emotional theatre. All held up by a dancey rhythmic engine room which is capable of turning every night into a Saturday night. Be careful that their retro daydreams dont turn you into the screaming teenagers of the 50s. The group have a history on the local Berlin rock scene, a favourite of the concert series Basement Bash, theyve played notable shows all over the city. Now their sights are set higher with new music releases planned.

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