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The Stroppies plays The Hope & Ruin for their debut show in Brighton!
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Whooshis a silly word, says Gus Lord of the Stroppies. There is something completely nonsense about it, especially when removed from any kind of context. For me it conjures up images of something absurd and transient -two things fundamental in the experience of listening to or making good pop music."

Whoosh may indeed be a silly word but it almost onomatopoeically captures the sound and essence of The Stroppies first proper debut album, one that breezes along with boundless energy, a refrained pop strut, infectious grooves and the sort of jangling guitar melodies that sound like a prime-era Flying Nun band.

Between them, the Melbourne-based band - currently comprising of Gus Lord, Rory Heane, Claudia Serfaty and Adam Hewitt - have been in countlessbands such as Boomgates, Twerps, Tyrannamen, Primetime, Blank Statements, The Blinds, White Walls, See Saw and Possible Humans. The band formed together around a kitchen table in 2016 with a heavy focus around the essence of collaboration and a DIY ethos. This led to an acclaimed cassette release of lounge room recordings, which was then pressed onto vinyl to more acclaim. The Stroppies next step was then taking their DIY approach to home recordings into the studio to make a transitional leap to what wouldbecome their proper studio debut. Whoosh is our first concerted effort to make something with a bit more sonic depth, says Claudia Serfaty (the band's other primary songwriter). It was an attempt to take working processes that had been established in a home recording setting and build on them with a broader musical palette in the studio in order to push the band into new territory without compromising what made initial releases so endearing.
Endearment is something that the Stroppies have no problem retaining on Whoosh. Its a record that possesses all the spunk and gusto of a young band hurtling forward yet also knowing when to take their foot off the accelerator. Its an album that simultaneously feels young and fresh but wise beyond its years.

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