Flamenco Express At The Brunswick With Titi Flores




Flamenco is as universal, powerful and versatile as the blues, as epic as opera, and as delicate and pin-sharp as ballet. Sex and music and history in one hit.

For over twenty years, Flamenco Express has existed to do justice to this amazing music by choosing the best artists and allowing them total freedom of expression. The result is a new emotional and artistic experience every night, delivered by an astonishing range of talent.

Joining La Joaquina and Chris Clavo tonight are two of flamenco's most elemental artists, the chemical reaction between Titi Flores and Antonio El Pola is always explosive.


El Pola
Known for over twenty years as a formidably talented singer dedicated to the purest flamenco, Antonio El Pola has grown to fill the greatest stages, performing with many legends of the art, such as La Chana, Paco de Luca, Juan El Camas, Concha Vargas, Antonio Moya and Juan Castor. A true custodian of the flamenco heritage.

Titi Flores
A furiously effervescent dancer of unique power, imagination and grace.
A gypsy from Arcos de la Frontera, he shared the stage with artists such as Camarn de la Isla, Paco Toronjo, Aurora Vargas, Chiquetete, Turronero and Chano Lobato from the age of 15. After relocating to Madrid he worked with La Tati, Rafael Amargo, Cristbal Reyes and Juan Andrs Maya and has recently founded his own dance company Compaa Titi Flores.

La Joaquina (principal dancer)
Founder member, choreographer and director of Flamenco Express in 1996.
She has also worked with Christina Hoyos, Paco Pea and others in Madrid, Tokyo, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Paris and throughout Europe. And collaborated with Merce Cunnigham and other contemporary choreographers.
Recent Collaborations Spaces in Between 2007 with Athina Valha and Candoco. Principle soloist Splinter In The Flesh with the Hellenic National Dance Company at the Athens Megaron

Chris Clavo (guitar)
A founder member and musical director of Flamenco Express, he began playing the guitar at fourteen and studied with flamenco maestros Carlos Heredia, Diego Amaya and Pepe Justicia. He has performed throughout Britain and Europe with Flamenco Express, with flamenco jazz virtuoso Eduardo Niebla and Iraqi pop sensation Jassim.

"Two amazing guitar solos from Chris Clavo and Jesus Alvarez made string instruments sing with impossible precision. "
Staffordshire Post.

Delighted the audience, who rewarded them with rapturous applause and encores.
Dance Europe

This feisty flamenco company deliver the finest in flamenco, plus sizzling soloist La Joaquina.
Time Out

Utterly riveting variations of firecracker beatstumultuous fervour ..indelible gracefulness.
The Stage

An unforgettable evening.
Anglo Spanish Journal

This is a fiery ensemble production where every spark of personality is kept alight and creative diversity is given the space to breathe but remain faithful to flamencos roots.
Kings Lynn News

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