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After annihilating a packed out Haunt at The Great Escape Festival this year, the raging Cocaine Piss return for more chaos.

Friday 15th November
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Cocaine Piss ~
You can't start a band called Cocaine Piss and be serious at the same time, can you? It would be the equivalent of naming your kid something like Kick Me In The Head Throughout Life Whenever Possible Smith. It's not exactly the best commercial boost to a new thing. But ever since coming into twisted existence in 2014 in the Belgian city of Lige, pretty much as a bad taste joke, Cocaine Piss never really had time to consider such fine details, like having a band name that you can safely say in public, or just having any kind of plan for anything. They just revved the engine of the piss rocket and watched it launch, and before they knew it, it was flying sky-high.

Whipping up a chaotic mess with their high octane blend of punk and noise that's all over within 20/25 minutes. It's like Dead Kennedys, Bikini Kill and Melt Banana all playing at once while really high on their namesake substance, right up until the venue cuts the power and everything's suddenly over, leaving you euphoric, disoriented and punching walls just for fun. The atomic energy of their hit and run shows inevitably started to get some attention from bookers and press within the splash zone of Flanders and the Netherlands and so, like a crass joke that you can't stop from spreading, Cocaine Piss started to spread their fluffy wings across Europe too.

They have now recorded two full-length albums with Steve Albini, The Dancer and Passionate And Tragic. We're sure that wearing their t-shirt while winning a World Series of Poker event worked as a lucky charm for him.

"Punchier, broader in scope and heavier than their album of the week winning debut the slaughter have once again come up trumps with the same blown out noise punk that we fell in love with the first time round." Resident Brighton

"Ferocious, politically aware lyrics from sinead young are once again front and center in a way that fans of petrol girls or harvey milk will enjoy, while the music itself takes the highs higher and the lows lower than before. expect almost glam-meets-motorhead rock power meeting blast beats dropping into girl band or idles-esque noise rock before twisting into something with the intensity of fugazi and pissed jeans. if you like your music on the heavy end then youre gonna want to listen to this this record is basically a parade of big fucking riffs followed by big fucking breakdowns. 8/10 Loud and Quiet Magazine

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