Edinburgh Preview: Paul Thorne & John Lynn




On sale! Edinburgh Preview: Paul Thorne & John Lynn Wed 31 Jul

7pm doors
7.30pm-8.30pm (John Lynn)
8.30pm-8.45pm approx. interval
8.45pm-9.45pm approx (Paul Thorne)
Paul Thorne: Wine-ing

Paul Thorne drinks wine. Lots of wine! After 30 years of drinking wine he is probably now made of 30% wine. Inevitably, over the years, as well as successfully acquiring some recognised wine qualications, he has developed a passion for and vast knowledge of the subject which he is now keen to pass on.

This stand-up show is a personal journey. A journey on which wine has been both a companion and a fickle friend. It can help you decide to go to Spain for a two week holiday that lasts two and a half years. Or play Flamenco guitar to a bar full of drunk Hungarians in Budapest. It can talk you into unsuccessfully trying to learn to ride a bike in Saskatoon Canada in your late thirties (he still cant), or take a wrong turn at Istanbul and end up DJ-ing for the Taliban (now referred to as his drying out period). It can disastrously convince you that its ok to turn up to a testicular x-ray appointment after a therapeutic and confidence boosting bottle of Pinot Noir with lunch.

In keeping with Pauls semi-improvised style, there will also be audience chat, an on-the-spot evaluation of the wines the audience are drinking, as well as a myth-busting and irreverent insight into a world that the experts dont want you to know about. Far from mellowing with age, expect dryness and depth with a bitter aftertaste. Expect a heavy dose of sour grapes.
John Lynn: Great Intentions

Lynn believes himself a modest man but that he shouldnt be. From helping the homeless, to trying to find himself by volunteering to teach at an orphanage in Cambodia, to climbing Kilimanjaro for charity, John has always caused unintentional chaos, carnage and turmoil. He claims good intentions but this is a man who revelled in his Dads wedding speech inadvertently making his sisters wedding look like a KKK rally, he still laughs when he thinks of his brother hiding his ring on his wedding night for safety and never seeing it again. John isnt a prick but maybe hes a bit of a dick..



AGES 16+

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