Fresh Lenins Presents Mothman Eats A HOT DOG




Open the (Green) Door of perception and experience MOTHMAN eat A HOT DOG! It's (blue)BOUND to be illuminating! As usual, additional entertainment and weird hors-d'oeuvres will be provided. Stock up on tickets now to avoid sadness.

DOG OF MAN are a Brighton Based psyche punk/alt rock band who love to make music and play shows in dirty house parties and cult gatherings.

HOT MOTH is a Brighton based 3 piece riff-heavy alt-rock band with a perfect balance between catchy pop melodies and complex rock rhythms.
To quote ARCTIC DRONES: "this isnt music that needs namedropping to understand. Its riffs, drums, bass and vocals; its rock. And its catchy, clever, stylish rock - played with skill and sung with conviction. Knock yourself out."

BLUEBOUND is a three piece Alternative Rock band formed in Brighton. All three members bring different musical ideas and tastes to the table, with thick riffs, roaring vocals and a powerful rhythm section.
Influences: The Black Keys, Rush, Vulfpeck

prog meets grunge at a disco somewhere between the 60's and the year 3000

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