Fort Process Dispersion: Braindead Ensemble, Zeyn Mroueh, Rdyer




As part of the expanded season around Fort Process festival, Lost Property & The Spirit of Gravity present The Braindead Ensemble, Zeyn Mroueh, rdyer

6th September 2018, 8pm
The Green Door Store, Undercroft, Brighton Train Station, BN1 4FQ Brighton

The Braindead Ensemble
acoustically networked feedback assemblage

keyboards, saw, loops, performance pop

Zeyn Mroueh
Lebanese Palestinian Cypriot Post drone


rdyer is interested in junk, outdated technology and recycling, using a loop pedal, musical saw, saxophone, and site-specific recordings to create performance art and pop songs.


Zeyn Mroueh is a Cypriot-born, Lebanese-Palestinian musician creating industrial soundscapes and experimental noise music.
He composes primarily on the guitar using an array of pedals and samples to distort and manipulate traditional music into atonal sound experiences.
"Pictures of the Floating World mixes maturity and knowledge with raw, ardent youthfulness in an assimilation of Post Rock, Lo Fi, Drone and Noise. It is at once experimental and deliberate, seamlessly blending dissenting voices and robotic vibrations with mellifluous reverbs."


The Brain Dead Ensemble:
Two feedback cellos a feedback bass and a Threnoscope are plugged together to form a multi-instrument, multi-channel system. The feedback cellos and bass are DIY electro-acoustic-digital resonator instruments. Each instrument has pickups under each of its strings and transducers built into the acoustic instrument body, inducing electromagnetically-controlled feedback which can be digitally processed. The classical model of a bowed instrument is inverted: the player no longer controls and excites the strings to produce sound, but negotiates with an ongoing, lively, self-resonating instrument. The threnoscope is a software system created by ixi audio for drones, live coding and microtonal, spatialised composition. All the instruments are networked acoustically: the channels of the threnoscope are diffused to a quadraphonic PA plus the integral speakers of the string instruments.

These feedback processes summon a wide sonic spectrum including airy microtonal micro-melodies, serene yet colourful drones, complex spectral gestures, and vast brutal explosions surfacing gradually or unpredictably into screams. This is an emergent, negotiated form of performance which involves the steering and shaping of evolving, distributed, sonic energies rather than the instigation and exchange of discrete musical ideas. No one is in control, although everyone is playing.

BDE are: Thor Magnusson (Threnoscope), Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris (Feedback bass), Chris Kiefer (Feedback cello) and Alice Eldridge (Feedback cello)


This event forms part of Fort Process Dispersion, a season of events surrounding the third Fort Process festival of experimental music and sound art.

"the spirit of gravity: making experimental music a threat again - since 2001"

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