Killer Wave Monthly Free Gig With Ohmns / Exhailers / Guests




Killer Wave with Papito Promotions brings their monthly free gig to The Night Owl November 21st
We're stoked to have in town...

--- OHMNS ---
Ohmns have been making sweet noise on our radar for some time so extremely happy to have them play on the back of their show supporting The Black Lips.
'Theyre a band who have managed to smash through the ever-repeating increasing circles of landfill indie and Coral tribute acts which have bloated Liverpool gig line-ups in recent years. Lurking in the gloomiest realms, places where even the best photographers havent even been able to catch their full glory, Ohmns have become the citys best-kept secret, cultivating a devoted following. Within a relatively short period of time, the quartet have become cult heroes with a ferocious tenacity on stage twinned with a fierce blend of fuzzed-up, distortion-driven anarchic rock. In pursuit of the group we meet them in the car park of Edge Lane Retail Park, a place where you can find all the tools to dispose of a dead body before catching the latest Adam Sandler film with the kids. The band are sat basking in the last of the days fading sunshine atop the bonnet of their car, fags in hand, whilst drummer Kingy sups on a warm tinny wrapped in a polythene bag'

'Exailers is a three-headed apeoid gestating in the cosmic womb; an art-rock experiment from the Midlands of nowhere; a spangled conglomerate of puss and goo dancing through the Void.
It exudes glistening melodies, lurching riffs and laments to being lost in space. Brandon Robinsons guitar work creates heavy walls of fuzz, phasing seas that float, and solos of sporadic exuberance. Gliding atop this, Liv Barlows vocals undulate between indifference and reverence. Underneath, Fred Ensors drums provide a spasmodic heartbeat of accented rhythms and erratic flourishes.'


Killer Wave & Bad Girlfriend DJs into the night


Drink Promotions

8pm til late

There are currently no tickets available for this event.

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