Seven and a half years prison for teenager who dropped slab
Prison for teenager who dropped slab on police officer Added: 16/12/2011 14:42 A teenager who dropped a heavy stone slab on to a police officer during the Stokes Croft disorder has been sentenced. Benjamin Cyster, aged 18 and from Bristol, was on top of a building in Stokes Croft when he dropped the stone slab onto the police officer in the early hours of April 22, 2011. The officer, who was from South Wales Police, was one of a line of officers walking up a street to help clear it of people causing disorder. The slab caused injuries including a fracture and nerve damage and had it struck the officer on the head the injuries would have been much more serious. Cyster appeared at Bristol Crown Court for sentencing on Friday December 16 having been convicted of grievous bodily harm with intent along with violent disorder and theft of a police shield. All the offences took place in Bristol between April 20 and April 23, 2011. He was sentenced to seven and a half years in jail - six years for assasult and one and half years for violent disorder. He has also been ordered to serve a further four years on probation. Speaking after the sentencing, Detective Chief Inspector Will White said: "Cyster dropped a slab weighing a considerable weight onto a police officer in a deliberate and reckless act. The officer would not have seen the slab being dropped and Cyster would have been aware of this. He caused several injuries to the officer who had travelled from South Wales to help tackle the disorder and restore peace for the local community in Bristol. "As well as this serious assault Cyster was also active in the disorder and also stole police property. In sentencing Cyster the court has shown the seriousness of his actions. It also sends a message to those people who choose to become involved in disorder that the courts will not tolerate this behaviour."

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