Review: Lordi | Silver Dust | Shiraz Lane at o2 Academy Islington

The bands have been on the road for the last two months and the London date at the O2 Academy Islington was the last night of their 34 date European 'Monstour' tour.


Support for the evening was from ''Silver Dust " and 'Shiraz Lane'.


Silver Dust: are a four piece band from Switzerland and I have to say they seem to have got a bit too close to those clocks they make out there and are a little bit 'cuckoo' themselves!!...For an opening support act I was so surprised that they had such a following with the venue about two thirds full when they started their set. And my what a set for an opening act it was, with stage extras and a huge screen on the right of the stage to help with the theatrics of their performance.


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Clad in black top hats and tails their theatrical rock performance certainly got the crowd chanting and singing and they even at one point, got all ( well a vast majority anyway) of the crowd to crouch down before getting them to jump up and bounce to the song. Their stick twirling drummer, I think, probably needed a leash on him as he looked as mad as dog that had had too much sun!! But to his credit did give quite a good drum solo, ( and for me to say quite good it really may have actually been very good, as for anyone who knows me, knows I really don't like drum solos!!).


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They ended their set with all of the other members of the band bringing on stage a drum and just drumming their way through to the end of the last song. Their second album 'Age of Decadence' was released in March.


Shiraz Lane: are a young band from Finland and their new album 'For Crying Out Loud' was released this year. I had not heard of this band before, and whilst they say that the bands influences are Guns 'n' Roses, that doesn't mean that you have to look and sound like a young Axl Rose, but for me this is exactly what they sounded like. I guess Guns 'n' Roses have done OK out of it, so perhaps this band will as well??.


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Quite a good performance overall but I think that they did try a little too hard in places to try to get the audience to join along with them, I'm sure their stage presence and interaction with the audience will get better though with age and with more experience.


Lordi: well, what can I say about Lordi from Finland? A rock/heavy metal band who play in full monster costumes and who unexpectedly won the 2006 Eurovision song contest with the song 'Hard Rock Halleluiah'. They are clearly very much influenced by the shock-rock theatrical performances of the likes of Alice Cooper and now have eight studio albums to their name with their latest one being released just a few months ago 'Monsterophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonacrchy)'.


The venue was now virtually full and their set certainly got the audience jumping and chanting along to all of their songs, The stage also included at various points a few extra interlopers in the form of a nun, a priest, a mother with a monster baby, a stage hand and a tomb raider... amongst others who were, of course, 'slain' by the band ...


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Whilst they have got some great songs like 'The Riff', 'Babez for Breakfast' and of course the contest winning song 'Hard Rock Halleluiah', for me, they seem to be lacking that one or two really catchy sing-a-long smash hits that for example Alice Cooper has, to make them a really great band. Due to the size of the venue we were not treated to any pyrotechnics that they are also known for, but instead we had a few blasts from the smoke generators throughout the performance. Great set though and a really enjoyable stage show.


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Good night out? Yes ...really liked Silver Dust with their theatrics and the good all round entertainment from the costumed monsters themselves.



1: Let's go Slaughter He-Man ( I wanna be the Beast-Man in Masters of the Universe)

2: Babez for Breakfast

3: The Riff

4: Hellbender Turbulence

5: Bite it like a Bulldog

6: Icon of Dominance

7: Hug you Hardcore

8: It Snows in Hell / The Children of the Night

9: Down With the Devil

10: Blood Red Sandman

11: Hard Rock Hallelujah

12: Devil is a Loser


13:Who's Your Daddy?

14: Would You Love a Monsterman?


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Words by: Robert Sutton

Images by: Robert Sutton Photography


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