Pi And Hash Promotions Presents Dave Arcari

Imagine this if you will, if Metallica’s James Hetfield was given a steel guitar and told to play some rockabilly. Well this may never happen but never fear; thankfully we do have Dave Arcari. The guitarist and songwriter headlined a show last Friday at NosDa Hostel for a night that had been organised by Pi and Hash promotions.

Dave has had one impressive career, which has had him play over 100 shows in the UK each year as well as regular gigs in Finland, Estonia, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Canada. Most recently Dave found himself gracing the stage of the Albert Hall.

The night began with Cardiff local blues band Black Cohosh, showcasing their usual tongue and cheek covers of hip-hop songs. Following on from Cohosh was Big Joe Bone, setting up with his usual arsenal of guitars by his side. Joe attacked his set with his usual foot stomping style at a speed that would impress most thrash metal bands. It would also be a crime not to mention Joe’s customised work boots in which he has attached a pickup creating an inbuilt stop box.

Then, as the evening drew one, Dave hit the stage. With a couple of glasses of whisky at his feet he was ready to go. In some ways it is very lucky that NosDa does not have a high stage as Dave, with his wireless system, spent almost as much time running off the stage and singing in the crowds faces as he did behind the microphone. His energy on stage was awe-inspiring and did not let up for the hour or so in which he played. In between each of his songs the crowds fell silent as, in his thick Scottish accent, he told the stories behind each of his songs. It is so rare to find a singer songwriter who can build a crowd into a frenzy and then calm them down just a quickly.

We spoke to him just before he hit the stage. ”This is a really funky venue. It’s a really spectacular niche underground space, you don’t find many places like this.” We also asked him what it was like to play the Albert Hall? “It was awesome. A week before I was playing a small-unplugged show in front of 24 people. Next gig after that was in the Albert Hall. I love to go back and play a headline gig myself.”

Dave is planning to go in the studio in the next month to produce a follow up to his album, Whisky in my Blood. New album has a planned release for April. 

More from Dave Arcari: https://afterdark.co/artists/dave-arcari

Review by Stew Hume

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