New Release Review – River By Courtney Askey

Previously solo, Courtney Askey now plays as a self-titled shoegaze/grunge four-piece. She has been prolifically writing, performing and recording music since 2010.

The debut LP from the band, Oh! Softly Goes was released in 2017. 

The new song ‘River’ is set to be released this Friday 22nd March. It is the first release on Earwig Records (the band’s own DIY indie label) and the first release since the debut LP ‘Oh! Softly Goes’.

“This single marks the end of our slower, more gothy era as our new music increases the pace and plays more on garage and 80s hardcore.”

“The song is a sort of soundtrack for a non-existent film that is probably a Western or neo-noir, the driving rhythms mimicking the travelling in the lyrics. It follows a group of protagonists escaping from the scene of a crime or disaster and leaving the evidence behind in the river.”

“This song comes from a transitional time in my life during which I am moving between ventures and it’s sometimes quite appealing for everything to just go up in smoke,” says Askey.

The grunge feel starts from the very first guitar chords with plenty of distortion to keep it real. Askey’s voice definitely show’s it’s goth roots but there is a little of a Radiohead feel to the new track too.

This continues throughout the track which maintains it’s melancholy edge and the instrumental break in the middle of the track was good because it didn’t fall to the usual solo of one predominantly instrument. The lead guitar was ably matched by the bass and rhythm guitars and the drums. An ensemble of solos if you will. Or won’t. Doesn’t matter if that doesn’t make sense. It will when you listen.

Overall, this track isn’t going to get you up dancing. Swaying maybe, at the end of the night with your lighter in the air if you’ve had too much to drink and accidentally thought you were at Ariana Grande concert. But that isn’t the point of it.

The point is that it is melancholic grunge music that makes your heart ache for a lost opportunity. It does that brilliantly and you’ll want to listen to it again and again. So you will. Because it is a great track and deserves your attention.

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