New Music - Blurred Vision
Blurred Vision: a rallying cry for Iran`s youth A modern reworking of the legendary 1979 anthem and a critically acclaimed music video which was shot with no budget has won Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters` blessing, and is acting as a rallying cry for Iran`s youth. Rock band Blurred Vision are fronted by two Iranian-born brothers Sepp and Sohl whose family fled Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Last year, during the popular uprising against the Islamic regime, the Toronto-based band appeared on CNN and CBS to help open a portal through their website for Iranian youth to upload their images and crack through the government blockade of social media outlets. Their website however was blocked in Iran and could not be accessed, and is still blocked, along with many other western websites, inside the country. Even now Sepp and Sohl are unable to give their family name for fear of reprisal against their relatives still living in Iran. However the band have decided to fight back through their music and they believe that just as amateur video blogs drew the world`s attention to the plight of people in Iran, their single and its video - which has now gone viral on the internet - can act as a force for change in the country of their birth. Before filming, Roger Waters personally gave the band the green light to release the track and proceeds from the record are going to Amnesty International. The single was produced by legendary rock producer Terry Brown, and the video was shot on a shoestring budget by award-winning Iranian film director Babak Payami. The video has already received more than 110,000 hits on YouTube - (see and over a million across other sites and Blurred Vision are now coming to the UK after being short-listed in the Music Video Category at Soho Shorts ( which starts on 21 July. The band have no way of knowing how many of the hits the song`s video has received have come from Iran, but get numerous emails from young people in the country who are cracking the Iranian government`s internet blockade and the group believe that music can be used as a force for good in the Middle East and around the world. “Historically Iran was an incredible centre of culture and art but the current regime has done all it can to destroy artistic expression in the country since 1979,” says Sepp. “We hope our music can help people fight back and raise awareness around the world about the horrible things that are happening in Iran. The original version of ‘Another Brick in the Wall` was released in 1979, the year of the Islamic Revolution and became a massive underground anthem for Iranian youth.The song has a universal, anti-authoritarian message and we hope that our updated version for the 21st century can open people`s eyes to what is happening.”

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