Chantel McGregor@Gloucester Guildhall
Chantel McGregor - 2nd December @ Gloucester Guildhall Imagine the tone of Robin Trower, the feel of Bonnie Raitt, the inspiration of Hendrix, the influence of SRV, the energy of Bonamassa and the intensity of Walter Trout all rolled into one. Welcome to the wonderful world of one of the most of exciting rock/blues guitarist the UK has ever produced` – Ladies and gentlemen introducing the formidable guitar talent that is Chantel McGregor. Star of the 2010 Skegness Rock & Blues Festival, Chantel McGregor is one of the most exciting rock blues guitarist in the country. At the age of eight she became the youngest person in the country to pass a Rock school exam and at 12 she was jamming in her native Bradford before quickly developed into an incredible rock and blues musician. Described as a "prodigy", at fourteen she was told by major labels "great voice, but girls don`t play guitar like that!" Wisely ignoring that advice she enrolled at world renowned Leeds College of Music and became the first student in the college`s history to achieve a 100% pass mark with 18 distinctions. After clinching the prize for outstanding musicianship for 2006/7 and a First Class Honours degree in Popular Music in July 2009, she has stepped out in the pro-musician word with her own rock blues trio, playing night after night, her stunning performances proving what a lot of fans already know, she`s the most exciting guitarist to hit the scene for years. If you can tell an artist`s prospects by the company they keep, then this Miss is heading in the right direction. Top of the list is Joe Bonamassa, the American blues star who Chantel emailed to inform him of her music and was subsequently invited to jam ant his sound-check. “He ran out of time during the sound-check, so he asked if she wanted to get up and play for the encore”, says McGregor`s spokesman. “She obliged and ended up jamming through a BB King song called You Upset Me Baby”. He consequently invited her back to perform again with him again on his next tour and they`ve remained friends and stay in regular contact. Chantel is currently on tour, ahead of releasing her debut album.

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